In my doctoral research, I examine the protective and preventive factors of mental health of individuals and communities with statistical analyses.

Attila Oláh’s (2021) model, the Maintainable Positive Mental Health Theory, emphasizes that by mobilizing our inner resources and continuously training our psychological immune competences, almost all of us can achieve a high level of mental health. This is what positive psychology metaphorically calls flourishing.

I think it is important to combine theory with practical experience. Therefore, I am holding private psychological consultations in Dunakeszi Private Practice of Psychology and Speech Therapy.

My goal is to inspire my students and to contribute to the well-being of the Hungarian population with my research. I would like to dedicate my enthusiasm and my work to the Hungarian academic community.

My mentors are: Dr. Xénia Gonda. Prof. Dr. András Vargha, Prof. Dr. Attila Oláh, and Prof. Dr. György Purebl.

Publication list:

Oláh, A. (2021). A Globális Jól-lét Modell kidolgozása és empirikus validitásának igazolása a személyiségtényezők figyelembe vételével. A K1A: 116965 számú kutatás zárójelentése.