Psychological consultations

I attend to the courses of the MAKOMP. I am a psychologist working under the close professional supervision of Elvira Kácsándi (clinical psychologist, psychotherapist). I hold adult individual consultations, usually with weekly sessions.

Steps until the first session:

1. Contact me

2. Consultation on additional information related to the first meeting

3. Meeting at the private practice / online at the pre-arranged time

ATTENTION! I’m a psychologist, not a psychiatrist. So I can not help with drug prescriptions, I can only recommend you a psychiatrist!


In special cases, prices can be reduced.

Payment options:

I work as an entrepreneur, so I always provide an invoice for the services used.

Cancellation, "forgetting" an appointment

It is possible to cancel an appointment by phone or message, at least 24 hours before the session. Otherwise, I ask for the full amount to be paid. If you cancel your appointment in a message, it is only valid if you receive my feedback. If not, please call me. Of course, the S.O.S. situations are exceptions (e.g. sudden illness, accident).